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Flowers for all


Who we are?

Flowers for All,we are a florist with great floral design with exceptional prices to match.  Flowers for All is a family based business that has been operating since 2014.  

We will always bring happiness to both sender and recipient as our staff always take pride in their blooms that are sourced from the most trusted growers and we also offer hampers, toys and wines to accompany your blooms.  

Whether you have Weddings, Private Functions or Events, we have you covered.  We offer free delivery to five selected hospitals in Fitzroy and East Melbourne.  We look forward to serving you.

Free Shipping to:

  1. St Vincent private hospital, Victoria Pde Fitzroy.
  2. St Vincent private hospital, Victoria Pde Fitzroy.
  3. St Vincent Private, 159 Grey St East Melbourne.
  4. Epworth Freemasons, 166 Claredon St East Melbourne.
  5. Epworth Freemasons, 320 Victoria Pde East Melbourne.

Delivery Rule

We gurantee same day delivery when ordered by 2 : 00 pm.

Business deliveries by 5 : 00 pm, and residential by 7 : 00 pm.

We deliver to most suburbs across Melbourne, we offer free delivery to the St Vincent’s Public and Private Hospitals on Victoria Parade, Fitzroy. When ordering delivery to the above-mentioned hospitals, please choose free shipping method instead of distance based shipping method.

If you're unsure if we deliver to your area please call our friendly florists on (03) 9417 6303 or contact us through the contact form.

Flower Care Tips

When taking care of flowers, there are a few things to remember.

  • Before you place them in water, make sure the stems are clean of any lower stems and leaves. Anything below the waterline will make it harder for the water to travel up the stem to the flower and also make the water dirty very quickly.
  • Next trim the stems at an angle by about 2cm where the stem is firm. (Except flowers that have bulbs like hyacinths). This will remove any blockages in the stems end.
  • Change the water every couple of days or sooner if the water looks dirty. Don’t forget to recut the stems before you place them back in the vase.
  • If you see a dying flower or spoilt petal, just pluck out the bloom to prevent it from affecting the rest of the bouquet

Where to place flowers can be as important as how you treat them.

  • Most flowers prefer ambient light, so don’t place them next to a window that receives strong sunlight.
  • Also try to find a place where they won’t be directly in the path of strong temperature changes like air conditioning, heating and electrical devices.
  • One helpful but little known fact is that if you place flowers next to a bowl of ripening fruit, it will cause the flowers age faster. This is because it releases a gas called ethylene that most flowers are sensitive to. Ethylene can also be found in car fumes and cigarette smoke.

If your flowers are in a self-contained arrangement that uses floral foam, simply top up the arrangement regularly taking care not to over fill.

Not all flowers are the same, some last longer than others, some prefer warmer or colder conditions, if in doubt don’t be afraid to ask.